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* Most Irritating Member Nobody really irritates me, but Dyldo gave me crabs so I guess that's as good a nomination as any
* Least Irritating N00b There were new members this year?
* Everyone's Favorite Little Bitch Reqtum

* Most Unreasonable Nazi Arsehole Sane, even though he was neither here nor an unreasonable Nazi Arsehole
* Most attractive Dyldo. You know it, I know it and Dyldo's priest sure knows it too

* Best Avatar Mine, you Manc bastards
* Best Signature Any signature with quotes attributed to Reqtum
* The "Where Are They Now?" Award, for the most conspicuous absence. Sane. God damn, man, stop crying over your inevitable Ashes defeat, pull your kettlebell out of your slack back-minge and get back here
* The Keyballs Award, for biggest gap between online machismo and real life. Truth Devoid. All those pictures he posts are trawled from various bodybuidling sites. He's really a 14 year old boy with an ironic haircut who can easily fit into skinny jeans. Seriously, Reqtum bursting through his shirt Alien-style has to be the most hilarious thing I've ever read, machismo-wise
* Most likely to go to hell All of us, the Devil does have the best tunes after all. If only one of us can gain entry then it has to be Paddy for reasons too myriad to explain here

And the Big Ones:
* Best Flaming of 2010 The iwrestledabearonce thread, if that was this year
* Biggest Cunt Lady GaGa? Oh, sorry I thought you said biggest cock. In that case, how about Paddy's anal cunt?
Album of the day:

Red Sparowes - At the Soundless Dawn
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