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* Most Irritating Member - Dys
* Least Irritating N00b - D&Q or Blitz
* Everyone's Favorite Little Bitch - LB

* Most Unreasonable Nazi Arsehole - PST even though he's sexy
* Most attractive - Dyldo

* Best Avatar - Dyldo
* Best Signature - no idea
* The "Where Are They Now?" Award, for the most conspicuous absence. - metal=life
* The Keyballs Award, for biggest gap between online machismo and real life. - Reqtum no doubt
* Most likely to go to hell - TD because he will like it there

And the Big Ones:
* Best Flaming of 2009 (2010??) - Dys. I vote for him in this category for the next 10 years
* Biggest Cunt - Paddy
C'est le chant des vieux arbres entonné pour toi,
Pour ces bois obscurs maintenant endormis.

R.I.P moe
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