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Originally Posted by drawn&quartered
he's german

not only that.
I fucking hate the time short before holidays. One test after another. My week was simply all about learning and writing tests so far. But I`m now through with the worst day of the week.
Wrote a 4 lessons long textanalysis test about "Faust I" if anyone knows that. Then I had to make a 90min presentation about todays fascism in GB (went pretty good I think he said it was a B+) . And in Drama there was a jury from I don`t know where who gave us marks and decided wether we can go to a four-day long workshop to Hamburg. And guess what everything went wrong. EVERYTHING even the decoration broke somehow. It was magic.

C'est le chant des vieux arbres entonné pour toi,
Pour ces bois obscurs maintenant endormis.

R.I.P moe
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