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If someone can give me detailed instructions about how to set-up a solid distortion preset on my GNX4 - so that what I record on it doesn't really require much post-record tinkering - I'll do something. The way my gear is setup at the moment makes everything sound fine through my headphones, but when I transfer a recording onto my PC and play it "raw" it sounds fucking horrendous. I'm largely useless when it comes to hardware and production, so I'll need severe, overbearing levels of guidance.

I'm not sure if we should start with a genre; one of us should just write a riff or two, then the rest of us use that as a starting point. That way we won't feel constrained by expectations.

What tuning are we playing in? I generally stick with D standard or alternative tunings based around that, such as Drop C. Is it wise to use the production software to alter the pitches of the instruments to make them match? I mean, will that affect the quality much?

I'm off to see if I can write the next MetalTabs classic.
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