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Well, my soup was a success (compared to my previous soups, anyway). That hollowness I mentioned seems to have been nicely plugged. I followed your steps, PST, and I even felt like a real chef when I poured white wine into a pan. It made me consider taking a course, until I remembered that I can't go outside because that's when they'll get me.

Massive props to my main homies PST and Pr0az. I think this was the first time I used black pepper without baked beans and sausages being involved.

Oh yeah, thanks for not being mean about my shitty skills

Originally Posted by L,B'XXX
Paddy, lots of times when I make soup I'll use some leftover chicken that I've oven baked. If you have some with a little skin or fat on it it makes more chickeny flavor, too. Sometimes after I've baked it, I'll add some water to the browned stuff in empty pan, and scrap those bits off. It makes a nice rich, browned base for soup or to use some cornstarch or arrowroot for gravy. Those don't need to cook down like flour and they don't really change the color too much either.
I think my mum does stuff like this when she's making homemade soup (basically vegetable soup, but for some reason the term "homemade soup" refers specifically to this sort of soup over here, or maybe it's just a local thing).

As nice as tonight's soup was it seems like just a little bit more effort than I'm willing to make when I'm just feeding myself. I'll probably save the "proper" soup for times when I'm extremely bored and full of agitated sugar-energy. I'd quite happily chow down on a raw dog if it was spicy enough, but I've learnt a new skill by consulting YouTube (deglazing), I've overcome my fear of using more than one pan/pot at the same time and I've learnt how to safely and effectively wrestle a wine bottle from the clutches of my insane mother, so I'm quite pleased with tonight's venture.
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