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PST, I truly appreciate this. I'll definitely try the things you've suggested. I might do it tonight actually, I'm in the mood all of a sudden.

I don't drink milk, although I do eat things which contain milk and butter, such as yummy cakes. As long as I'm not aware of its taste while I'm eating it I'm alright, but if I was to drink a glass of milk I'd probably feel queasy. I'm sure if I used butter in my soup in the way you and Pr0az suggested I probably wouldn't taste it all that much, if at all, but I'll wait and see how I feel when I have the yellow gunk staring me in the face later.

My thinking (if you could call it that) in making the soup the way I have been making it is that everything is in one place, and none of it is going anywhere, so all of the flavours are bound to be floating around in there somewhere haha. It never occurred to me to cook things separately or indeed to leave the chicken out of the equation until the very last minute.

I didn't know Ireland's dairy produce was so well regarded. I guess vigorously fucking the livestock must do something for the flavour; the butter comes out pre-churned and salted.
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