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converge_fan dont let that dickhead tell you that you can't scream. Listen up idiots, it doesn't take anyone special to scream, EVERYONE has false vocal chords. Everyone can do it, it just takes some can do attitude and patience. As for what TYPE of scream you put out, now that isn't up to you. Thats natures choice. Figure out your vocal range, make sure you warm up alot ( if you dont have time to warm up i find drinking hot tea with honey helps as the heat will loosen up all the muscles in your neck in general let alone the vocal chords ) DO NOT DRINK SOFT DRINK / COLD DRINKS BEFORE A VOCAL SESSION. Also i find screaming practise without a microphone these days to be very counter-productive. Half the time you will belt out a scream and it will sound wrong to your ear cos your not taking into account all the screams your hearing are through a microphone either on stage plugged into a P.A or in a studio plugged into a P.A. In a nutshell, warming up is important. Dont beat yourself up and microphones, if you want the fastest progress. Practise with one for gods sake.
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