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Originally Posted by projectvenusblake

2. Perform your own tests. I have. I speculate that inhale screaming damages your throat. After performing inhale screaming, I find it very difficult if not impossible to perform quality exhales. I hypothesize that this is because our vocal chords function through exhaling, not inhaling. They didn't evolve to take that much stress from the downward direction. They are only adapted to take stress from air in the upward direction. Notice how we speak, sing and pretty much make all noises by exhaling.

It is entirely dependent on how you do your inhales. I used to do nothing but inhales when I first started listening to slamming music. It hurt at first, but I got the technique down so that I wasn't damaging my throat at all. Recently, I've picked up doing exhales. Going from inhale to exhale wasnt all that bad for me, but trying to do an inhale after an exhale was extremely difficult. It really just takes some practice, and motivation for that matter (see: your point 4), to be able to do exhales and inhales in a song with them both sounding great and not hurting your throat.

4. I like some of the sounds you can create with inhales, so I taught myself to recreate them using exhales. For example, I can perform a pig squeal through pushing out instead of in. This is a great alternative to performing inhales and is much healthier. If you can do this then there is little or no reason to do inhales.

This! The exhale squeal is a technique that I've loved ever since I first heard the Doom EP (dont hate)

5. Inhales are very easy to perform. They require no skill and generally will get you laughed at by professional vocalists. Learning how to do inhale sounds through exhaling, however, will grant you massive props from all of your fellow growlers, screechers, shriekers, gutturalists and the like :P

I'm guilty of throwing inhales over a time signature that I couldn't come up with a decent exhale pattern over (didnt really use lyrics for the doesnt sound near as good as it would have with exhales, and i could change that if i was better at making vocal patterns) but I think that inhales can be done correctly and not get you laughed at. Despised Icon has used them pretty decently along with their exhales and it sounds good, I think.
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