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Originally Posted by rockitmarty
yea thats true

I only put extreme emphasis on annunciating with my mids and highs since a vast majority of the time that helps raise the pitch higher(I've got a vocal range on the lower end of the spectrum). With low vocals, I tend to annunciate less because annunciation often works against me through raising the pitch when I want it low.

ON TOPIC: I know what your problem is. My guitarist has the same problem which is why I DO NOT let him help me with vocals. You aren't pushing enough air through and you aren't vibrating your false chords slow enough. I had that problem when I was first getting started with vocals years ago but I quickly learned to exert more force. I don't really know how to tell you to fix the issue because the only thing I know to do is push harder and more consistently. You can't be having inconsistent exhaling.

Either that or you aren't using false chord or fry screaming. There are many other ways of screaming so you might be using one of those.
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