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Originally Posted by ExhumedCarcass
It's holding a mic no matter how you word it. Doing the uber low vocals does require it when using shitty equipment I agree with that but it still doesn't take skill. I have probably a shittier pa and shittier mics for practice but it doesn't take skill for me to go through an entire practice. My PA has only one small 8 or 10 inch speaker(I have two but I don't have a cord as I lent it to a guitarist one day and never got it back) and a radio shack mic. I practice for an hour minimum per band(I have a tech death and black metal band you can hear at the links below) each practice and by the end of that it does not get harder to hold a mic regardless of quality. And I'm a fatass who isn't afraid to move around while performing.

I don't know if we are talking about the same thing here. The process of cupping the mic isn't hard. It is tedious to keep the mic cupped correctly so the shit doesn't fuck up for a whole performance. At the very least, I suspect most people wouldn't be able to do it the whole time whilst keeping their vocals sounding decent on their first attempt. It takes practice. It isn't something you can just do the first time you try it. You need to know what the fuck you are doing. Meh. I guess I just have a harder time with it then.

Aight ima revise this shit. If you are a pro mic cupper like exhumedcarcass over here, you can do this shit first attempt, nearly perfect with no effort :P.

If you are like me and are a perfectionist with bad mic cupping techniques, you'll be sitting there for a good twenty minutes just planning how you're going to cup the mic through a whole performance.
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