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Originally Posted by ExhumedCarcass
The fuck did you just say? It takes no skill to cup a mic. None. Unless of course you are paralyzed in the hand you are trying to cup with. It's just a different way to hold the mic and it produces different sounds based on that but, I don't care how long the set is it does not take skill and does not get harder with time.

Maybe not for you, but it definitely does for me. It wouldn't be a problem if I had an sm58. Let me explain this to you, because I didn't really go into enough depth on this.

I have two very shitty microphones.

One is a Phonic UM99 Cardiod Dynamic Microphone. It probably isn't worth more than a few dollars.

The other is a Sony F-V620 Omni Directional Dynamic Microphone. Now it is about as good quality as the Phonic(maybe a little better) except it costs about...60 bucks. Now, I don't know what kind of vocals you do, but I do diseased cow growling, as low pitched as big chocolate, probably lower. There is a LOT of air coming out of your mouth when you do that because of how small you must make the hole that your lips make and how slow you must vibrate your false chords. All of that air gets trapped when you cup a microphone, and guess where it goes? Right into the picking pattern of my shitty microphones. Do you know what that sounds like? It sounds like a news crew covering Hurricane Katrina with a camcorder.

This is my experience with mic cupping. I have to hold the mic in a very specific way to make sure that it does not sound like the hurricane katrina news crew covering hundred mph winds with a camcorder.

On top of that, I have this GREAT(sarcasm) PA that costs 200 bucks for the module AND two speakers, so as you can imagine the quality on that isn't magnificent. By the end of every show, I am exhausted anyway from screaming 500+ words in each 2-4 minute song for about 30 minutes straight. Having to also cup my shitty mic in a very specific way just so the performance is loud enough and good enough quality to get people to actually like my band amidst this exhaustion is very difficult. I also have to entertain the crowd since I am the front man. Pulling this off takes a LOT of practice. This is my experience with mic cupping. I don't know what yours is but it obviously was with nicer equipment than mine and not vocals like mine.

Sorry for the confusion.
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