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1. No scientific proof that states that it is harmful/unhealthy however that in no way means it isn't. There haven't been any scientific studies at all into whether it is healthy or not.

2. Perform your own tests. I have. I speculate that inhale screaming damages your throat. After performing inhale screaming, I find it very difficult if not impossible to perform quality exhales. I hypothesize that this is because our vocal chords function through exhaling, not inhaling. They didn't evolve to take that much stress from the downward direction. They are only adapted to take stress from air in the upward direction. Notice how we speak, sing and pretty much make all noises by exhaling.

3. You can learn to inhale in a safer way, but it won't be as loud nor extremely high or low. Your inhales will be mid ranged and you'll be lucky if you can get a decent pig squeal down with that little amount of air getting sucked in.

4. I like some of the sounds you can create with inhales, so I taught myself to recreate them using exhales. For example, I can perform a pig squeal through pushing out instead of in. This is a great alternative to performing inhales and is much healthier. If you can do this then there is little or no reason to do inhales.

5. Inhales are very easy to perform. They require no skill and generally will get you laughed at by professional vocalists. Learning how to do inhale sounds through exhaling, however, will grant you massive props from all of your fellow growlers, screechers, shriekers, gutturalists and the like :P
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