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The low in that Oceano song from 0:43-0:45 Is a mid-low(depending on your vocal range)false chord scream with an added filter. I don't have a name for the filter he uses but I can tell you how to create it(or at the very least, something like it) Remember, no two vocalists' screams will ever sound exactly the same-just like with singing. If you are trying to sound like a specific screamer, don't bother. You can try to sound like them, but in the end you won't really be a skillful vocalist until you develop your own style and sound, because developing your own sound is what forces you to learn different techniques through experimentation.

When doing a low false chord scream, put the tip of your tongue on the roof of your mouth. You know how on the roof of your mouth, your mouth sort of curves upward from right behind your teeth to about halfway down the roof of your mouth? Put the tip of your tongue at the bottom of that curve(halfway down the roof of your mouth).

Now instead of having your mouth open normal with your lips kind of in a relaxed state, tighten them(kind of like you are trying to make your lips like a fish's). Make the hole that your lips create as small as possible with as little air coming out of your mouth as you can and then push your false chord scream as hard as you can.

The final step is to keep your tongue where it is, but lean it to the right a bit so that you can feel your right molars on the roof of your mouth with the right side of your tongue. This will achieve a reasonable volume and will give you a nasally filter that Oceano's vocalist uses from 0:43-0:45 in the song you linked to.

It will sound very gritty(which you may like) but if you want it clean, well that is post production sound engineering stuff my friend. Either that, or he is actually doing inhales, which I strongly advise against due to the fact that they are the most unhealthy and unsafe type of vocals you can do.
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