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Well, if anyone happens upon this thread wondering about mic cupping, I am here to answer.

I've been doing vocals for about five years now(I'm 17). I'm currently in a technical/progressive/death metal band and a Metalcore band. From my experience, if your equipment can't get loud enough over the rest of the band, it is almost a necessity to use mic cupping techniques for volume. Even in recording, it can help to cup a mic if you are given a sm58 to record with, just watch out for the wind you're blowing out. In recording, mic cupping is more about lowering your tone, but sound engineers can do that post production anyway so they will probably tell you to NOT cup the mic to avoid excess wind.

Generally I do false vocal chord low and mids with fry highs. My screams are very contrasted with extremely low (Big Chocolate Low or even lower) and extremely high (a little less high than Chelsea Grin high). Trust me, with highs you do NOT want to cup the mic, just hold it closer to your mouth. If you cup while doing highs(if you're doing false chord or fry screaming) then the volume will be excessively loud and it will sound like shit because your microphone will most likely be unable to pick up that many decibels that close to its picking pattern.

Everyone cups the mic and it is actually not an easy thing to do, especially when you are playing death metal and genres with similar vocals. The quality of the sound produced from mic cupping has a LOT to do with the quality of your microphone, your volume, the size of your hands and even what kind of mic cupping technique you use. It takes a lot of skill to be able to play a whole show (40 minute slot with 6+ songs) using a cupping technique. Hell, it takes a lot of skill just to play a whole show. Anyway, that is just my input on mic cupping. I use it, it works, but sometimes it can be more of a chore than a blessing.
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