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Best thread ever.

OP, I recommend checking out the thread that Suspended made (it's stickied). First of all, try yelling very loudly and with as low of a tone as you can make. If it doesn't sound any better than what you originally posted, give up.

If it actually sounds more like vocals, then it's time to use your diaphragm (see the thread I mentioned). You want to figure out how to use your diaphragm at will, and force air out with it. It's a lot easier than it sounds, just try the method in the aforementioned thread.

Say 'sss' until you run out of breath. You'll feel a muscle right above your abs (or flab) start to flex. That's your diaphragm. If it helps, exhale all of your breath until it tightens up and then hold it while you breathe. While you're holding it, try to do that scream again, but flex the diaphragm as much as you can. You should notice a difference.
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