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Yea, I do agree that the most fun thing is to record your own, but it's always good to have a backup. Plus, if it's possible to find a recording depicting an olde worlde street it'd be a damn lot easier than trying to find one in real life. I'll check out Reason, thanks for the tip.

The basic setting is at an inn, 1642, the day after Galileo died. We're doing a sort of reverse psych trick on the audience; as soon as they step into the theater they become actors portraying people that are just coming from a concert and now stopping by said inn.
What then happens is that you get a clash between views, as several people who've been involved in the drama that is Galileo's life happen upon each other, and then the story gets told in a series of flashbacks.

Thing is, we're gonna move around a bit with this production, and the various premises are, well, different. So what we're doing is constructing as much as possible using projectors, sounds and professional costumes. And smells - it's amazing how much the proper lighting and the smell of freshly baked bread can tune your mind to a certain setting.
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