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Originally Posted by JoeYngVai
All scanners and Digital Cameras in the US have banned photos of my penis. Its a digital recognition that gets triggered, kinda like a finger-print or US Currency. So apologies :/
Originally Posted by johnmansley
My camera doesn't do panoramic, unfortunately.

Originally Posted by johnmansley
Pads: I started my birthday celebrations a bit early this year: drinks with mates on Friday then a meal with my girlfriend and my best mate and his wife on Saturday. I'm off to my folks' gaff for tea tonight.

Other than that, I've not actually done much. There were no midgets involved this year.
I had exactly the same experience, minus the girlfriend, mates, drinks and dinners. It's uncanny!

Small and manageable is always better though (just ask Dylan's ex-boyfriends), otherwise it becomes too impersonal and instantly forgettable.

Here's to another year of being the only mod on MT who doesn't have at least one sworn enemy
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