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Originally Posted by johnmansley
Tremendous as usual, Paddy, and the Liverpool chant topped it off nicely!

Thanks to all wellwishers, except PST. I refuse to acknowledge his existence until David Cross is restored as his avatar, even though I just acknowledged his existence. It's this sort of circular logic that has held me in good stead for 29 long, long years.
Ignoring PST is like ignoring the gaping sore on your perineum. Even if you could somehow block out the annoyance it's probably better for your health to keep an eye on it at all times.

Getting up to much for your birthday John? I did, I did loads with all my great friends. I bet I did more than you. Tell me what you did first and then I'll tell you if I did more.

Originally Posted by Gomli
too long, did not read
Yeah, I even bored myself with this one, but fuck it it's not like I'm paid to be utterly fascinating ALL the time! In fact, I'm not paid at all. I'm firing pure genuineness into your hair for free, because I love you Gomers. I love everything about you. I'm just not "in" love with you, so stop with the calling and hanging up please.
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