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Originally Posted by ExhumedCarcass
Wow... I really don't know where to start here. You really sound awful there... I would say to just keep practicing under normal circumstances but I honestly don't know if that would help. Some people just aren't born to scream. I know you said that you've tried and tried and tried to learn but maybe you should put that effort towards something else. I'm not saying any of this to be a dick or to try and crush your dreams or anything, just honestly trying to help out.

Yeah I probably need a teacher or something. Can't seem to find it by myself^^ But I'll keep trying anyway!
Originally Posted by Paddy
Hahahahahaha! Man, you're a fucking legend. The part starting at 2:40 had me in tears.

Was impossible to resist adding that, knowing how horrible the rest sounded anyway

Originally Posted by Amadeus
Bwahahahahahaha! Concurring with the former speaker, the sum up there at the end was like a red, juicy cherry at the top of an ice cream dessert. My advice would be - don't hesitate. Get out there. The world needs you.

I will. Seeya at the next Metalfest

But in all seriousness, anybody who is experienced with fry screaming or normal screaming who could help me out (especially somebody who remembers how it was starting out with no other vocal experience)?
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