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Best experimentation by any Metal band!

What according to you is the best improvisation on the experimentation of genre by any metal band?

According to me it's TESTAMENT! They are so versatile, they being a Thrash Metal band release a death metal album called Demonic, which left a lot of people stunned. The change in music proved to be real good! Brutal, aggressive and what not. The album was better than a lots of genre-based band's albums! The album didn't compromise on anything(though the sales were less according to Testament's standard..), not on anything, music, aggression, production and what not.. The riffing by Peterson was as brutal as expected, drumming had to be good as Gene was in to nail it and not to forget Billy's guttural throats! The production didn't really stood as compared to the later albums but it was easily the best of that year, as Mr. Patyek the in your face brutality master, Peterson and Billy were in to kill it! This was about my favorite experimentation by any band, what's yours?
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