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Originally Posted by Dyldo
Sounds pretty good, Wolf. Nice blackened death. I have to disagree with you on the bass though, it could really help to be brought up and it would give the song much more presence. Its got a low end that needs to be filled and I some good bass work would compliment both the guitars and the songs heaviness. I don't think you should be complacent about taking a very back seat in something like this. Try upping it in the mix and see how everyone feels about it. If they differ from what I say, they're wrong. WRONG!

What are the vocals going to sound like?

What kind of mics did you use on the guitars?

What program did you use for drums? They didn't sound too bad, but if you've got to go with digital you need to use Drumkit From Hell (2) by East West. Its a seriously massive program with amazing real-time samples (some of which were recorded with whats-his-face from Meshuggah on kit). You can easily torrent it. If you want to here what it sounds like/is capable of, check out my myspace below.

He clearly meant that.

Mic on the guitars? None, just played through a Line 6 pod somewhere, had to do a LOT of working on the tone to get the digitalness of it away though.
Drums ARE Drumkit from Hell, cool program indeed, here they sound a bit too digital to my tastes, but in some of the other songs I've recorded it sounds almost perfect that way.

I was planning on using guitar pro's "metal drum kit" RSE for drums, so thank God I found someone with DfH in time.

Vocalist heading for the studio end this month/start next month. How it will sound? Well I've listened to his previous albums, where he utilises a.o. quite deep grunts, but he has quite a big range, so my guess is as good as yours, and I like it that way.
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Tetianblood? ... Well, 'Necrosemen' to you too. Twat.
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