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Holy Cow Vishnu, thanks for all the replies! (except for Drawn&Quartered, fuxxx u).

As for bass, will head back to record bass sometime soon, but I don't see it playing a prominent role in here (whereas I normally DEMAND a prominent role in every other band I play), but I don't see much more room for it. Won't be following the guitars all of the time, but still. Whatever.

Mixed? Nothing is mixed on this. Just a preset, 2 guitarlayers (one left one right), and then another one in the centre, played with the toneknob all the way DOWN to get that dense-sound. Absolutely no polishing or something after that. And frankly I absolutely love the way it sounds (save maybe for the drums, digital 'n all y'know), will explore some mastering etc but for now I love the sound it has, suits it I think.

Vocals will follow end of this month, start of next month, will upload a sample then too of course.
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