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You do know there was no internet in the 60's, right? Just thought I'd, you know, point it out. So, shirt buttoned in front and all that?

Originally Posted by Paddy

Assuming all worlds are primarily green, which they aren't, as anyone who's ever watched Star Wars will tell you.

I win again. Fuck me this is getting boring.

I get the feeling that much like Patrik's fat mother we've become a sort of embarrassing secret shame to nomad; he's rarely here and when he is he never mentions how glad he is that I joined the forum. He should just make me supreme commander of the site and be done with it, it's gonna happen eventually anyway. Then I could turn this place into a brightly-lit Nu Metal sanctuary just as God intended.

I'm considering whether this is the time to point out that not even here does Paddy gain a leverage, since certain blond visages to which he feels such hate is something of what you might call a family tradition, in some circles.
And watch it, Mr. P. You never know when the Nomadic one will turn his eye on you; much like his brothers Zeus and Belzebub, he does not take kindly to upstarts.
Listening to Cannibal Corpse and cutting trees with a chainsaw, now that's metal

"He preferred the hard truth over his dearest illusion. That, is the heart of science."
- Carl Sagan

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