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Around 660 bucks? Then you'll really have to go for CORT or IBANEZ, not a lot out on the market that can compete with those two on that price-level. Scratch that, nothing out on the market that can compete with those two from 500-700.

Try getting your hands on a second hand Ibanez 5-string BTB bass (BTB 505/605/705) or a Cort B6 (or second hand A6). Good bang for the buck, especially for the Corts in my opinion, got sweet pickups and setup, always.

Peavey isn't that good at all.

As for Spectors, they'll be way out of your price range.
Warwicks the same, but they're WAY better than Spectors fuck you spector i have a warwick sukc my diiiiiik
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