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Which easy death/black metal song to play ?

Hi all,

well, here is the problem, I have a guitar since more than 5 years but I play like a cow...
One months ago I decided to play again, so I bought a PRS Paul Allender and a Vypyr 30 and let's go !

As I like Cradle of Filth, Septic Flesh, and the others band in this style I tried to play few songs and.. It was a mess.

Actually I'm able to play, with some errors, would you love a monsterman from Lordi and the part before the solo of A coming Race (Hypocrisy).

I'm looking for some a good introduction to death / black metal without a very high speed (I'm not able to play very well my dark desire (Dark Funeral) cause of the speed).

Do you have some ideas of which song to play ?

Thank !
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