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Originally Posted by Amadeus
Hey, I started the race wars. I think anyway. So credit given where credit's due!
You fuckers have never started a war in your lives! I'm not sure why I'm saying that in an insulting tone when it's actually quite admirable, but FUCK YOU.

Originally Posted by Amadeus
By the way, this is a vbulletin site. You don't pay that kind of money for a couple of new skins; just do the rounds on and the support forum. But we won't, 'cause THIS... - .... IIIAAES... - ... - ...... - GREEN!!! And it's Metaltabs! Wait. It's the other way around, it's like... yea, you don't get it, and neither do I.
This is the first place I found:

Fuckin' crazy that someone cares that much about the colour scheme and graphics on a forum that they'd part with a full day's wage to have something that looks a bit different.

I think there are add-ons for Firefox which let you dynamically alter the CSS of a website so you can pretty much redesign it to your liking "on the fly". I may look into that shit. Then again I probably won't because it sounds like a lot of hard work.
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