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Originally Posted by Paddy
Don't get sand in your vagina, I wasn't the one who turned this colour scheme shit into a race war! I mentioned the fact that I use the white skin in passing and then the next thing I know I'm getting obscene voice recordings from you over the webnets. Granted they weren't related to the forum colour and had more to do with you fingering your own urethra, but still.

Hey, I started the race wars. I think anyway. So credit given where credit's due!

By the way, this is a vbulletin site. You don't pay that kind of money for a couple of new skins; just do the rounds on and the support forum. But we won't, 'cause THIS... - .... IIIAAES... - ... - ...... - GREEN!!! And it's Metaltabs! Wait. It's the other way around, it's like... yea, you don't get it, and neither do I.
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