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I'm gonna be a cheeky fucker and reopen this thread; feel free to delete this post and lock her up again if you want, I won't cry or anything, honest.

I never noticed this thread before and given the recent discussion in the RTT about the fact that I'm the bestest member here because I use the white forum skin I thought I'd bump the fuck out of this bitch in the hopes of getting one or two new skins to try. Are you still up for installing some new ones, nomad?

Unlike the rest of these whiny little sex offenders I don't fear change, and in fact embrace it because I'm a fuckin' renaissance man. New forum skins are the spice of life, along with porn and public masturbation. Maybe in order to quell the jittery autistic anxieties of the "MT wouldn't be MT without greenness" clan you could install a new green skin which has a slightly less abrasive contrast between the post backgrounds and the text.

Obviously I'm not suggesting that the default green colour scheme should be deleted, although if you could delete it on my behalf out of sheer spite that'd be just swell.

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