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There is literally no cuisine in the world defined by length of preparation. A lot of the differences between Mexican food and Central and South American or Caribbean food has to do with the flavorings used, not how long it takes to make. And a lot of the best Latin American food (that's not Mexican) doesn't really resemble anything Mexican. Take, for example, something like ropa vieja or matambre.

I'd also like to point out that Mexican food is hardly monolithic; it's arguably the best developed cuisine in the New World, and inarguably the most varied.

Brazilian food can be awesome, and like Mexican it's pretty varied. Feijoada is bomb, maybe the best of the ubiquitous Latin American 'braised meat with rice and beans' dishes. And going to a churrascaria is always a good way to eat way too much meat.

Pupusas are a fairly common street food in parts of NYC these days, and are awesome.
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