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Originally Posted by Dyldo
I don't think I've had anything from Central America. What separates it from South and Mexico? Any recipes?

Little differences, mostly length in preparation. Its more common to find a Mexican food restaurant than a Central American one because from what i have experienced with my family and family of my gf (compiled of greedy Guatemalans on my part and angry El Salvadorians on hers), GOOD authentic central american food takes quite some time to prepare and cook. Also, black beans are more common in Central American cuisine, whereas pinto/brown beans are more common in Mexican food dishes.

As for differences, here are a few examples:

Mexican "Tamale" : corn masa, husks, your choice of meat, etc.
Guatemalan "Pache": replace corn masa with potatoes. instead of mushy corn masa, you almost get this feeling like eating poorly cooked mashed potatoes, but not poorly cooked, sort to speak.

Mexican "Menudo": tripe, hominy, pigs feet, veggies
Guatemalan "Revolcado/curried pork stew" : cow stomach, small pig's head, various types of peppers and chilis + more.

Then there are Pupusas that come from El Salvador. The best way to explain it is like having a stuffed, thick, flour tortilla or flatbread. A common filling is cheese, black beans + cheese, ground seasoned meats (mainly fried chopped pork aka chicharrones) or cheese + loroco (a tropical vine flower). Pupusas are usually eaten with curtido, which could be compared to cole slaw or sauerkraut and also served with this semi-sweet salsa.

There are many, many more plates I could get into, but don't feel like at the moment. We OTMs (other-than-mexicans) have very good food. I've heard TONS about Brazilian cuisine. Does anyone know much about that?
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