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Paddy, I know hazards of Vicks are on the label, but the nose thing goes way back - and I don't mean nostril-wise. The make inhalers with the camphor sent so I'm not sure where the hazard comes in. Maybe some idiot stuck half a gallon up there and blocked the passages so bad they advise against it. I was going to add that however you do use it, use it sparingly. I've had the same small jar for about 15 years. It's the barely there approach and that way it's not greasy all over the place either.

The combo The Ex' mentioned is also good with plain ole tea - minus the whiskey. The tannins in traditional tea are antiseptic and can help coughs and sore throats. The lemon has antiseptic and vitamin c, the honey is antibacterial and also coats the throat. The heat opens passages up and the hot water is also hydrating.

Dyl, all you did was brainwash yourself into liking that album. Sort of the way I got to liking Eminem back in the day.
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