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Originally Posted by L,B'XXX
Yes, on the cough remedy as long as you don't go overboard or have a fever.
Yes, on the Vicks. I still do the edge of my nostrils when I can't breathe or an odor is fouling my lungs. If you have a cold, rub it on your chest and put on some warm jammies. When you go to bed, put it on the bottoms of your feet, too. Don't know why it helps, but it does and it will make your feet nice and soft, too. Gets rid of toenail fungus, too.
Careful with the nose; Vicks contains camphor, which is potentially toxic, and putting it on the nostrils is faintly dangerous. Or so the literature says. Then again, the literature accompanying vitamin C pills warns of a possible side effect involving bleeding from the ass, so who the fuck knows?

Originally Posted by L,B'XXX
But speaking of dreams, and this is getting as strange as some of you guys, I had a dream a couple nights ago where I was conversing with my hubby. You know, just normal talking and we were for some reason discussing condoms. There was a box with several in it and one that was partly unwrapped with poison ivy growing out of it about 3 feet tall. Did anyone here lose one or have an unexplained itch?
God has spoken to you. He's said "you know that stuff I said about being fruitful and multiplying? Well, I've changed my your case. Stop procreating ya crazy bitch! I'm busy and I don't need any more potential serial killers to keep an eye on thankyouverymuch". I'd do what he says, don't be a hero!
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