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Originally Posted by Dyldo
That's the best you could do, Paddy?
Yes, which is just sad
Originally Posted by JoeYngVai
Finally I can fucking chime in to this new RTT, sheesh. They always become a cluster-fuck and I can't find out what anybody's talking about.

awww look at this GIF of a cute puppy! Cute Puppy GIF

wait... there seems to be something distracting me...
It took me about 10 seconds to realise there was a dog on that page. Kinda reminds me of the following experiment (don't read the video description until you've seen it):

Originally Posted by The Execrator
I got a fucking cold. I wonder if taking a few shots of vodka will be a bad idea
Dr. Paddy says:

Alcohol can affect the respiratory system adversely, which is kinda like putting a cherry on top of your cold. Buy some Vicks VapoRub instead. Or better still, get loaded on Voddy, then use the Vicks to counteract its effect on your breathing and then you'll be no worse off than before! SCORE!

Disclaimer: Dr. Paddy may or may not be a real doctor.
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