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Originally Posted by DameFraMorkum
So THAT's how you honed your pig squealing technique.
Yeah, using my perpetually flaccid anal sphincter. I have to pinch it with both hands and stretch it kinda like when you deflate a balloon and stretch the opening so that it produces that high-pitched squeak. Then, having gobbled down 4lbs of cabbage and eggs, I let rip with some howling of the bowel-ghosts i.e. farty-poops. If I had been the fat guy in Deliverance, and the hillbilly fucking me demanded that I squeal like a pig, I'd have to exclaim "I can't! Your sauseech is blocking my squealy-pipe!". It's for that reason I thank Christ every day that I don't live in the fictional world of Hollywood bum-rapes.

Originally Posted by Amadeus
How the hell do you follow up on a statement like "I've been screaming since i was eleven"?
The only thing that could rescue this guy from the massive flaming he's headed for is if he was to reveal to us that he is in fact a monkey in a hat using one of those sign-language gloves from the movie Congo to create his posts.

Originally Posted by ExhumedCarcass
Why do you feel the need to put Christian in front of every genre? Do you refuse to listen to a band if they are not "christian" or something? If that's the case then I feel bad for you... You are missing out on all the best metal has to offer...
He's also missing out on porn, drugs and science; I think music is the least of his worries.
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