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Originally Posted by hellhouse45
I am an amazing teacher and have already taught a total of 329 people how to scream.
You mean you posted a tutorial thread on another forum which currently has 329 views? As I discovered with my "if you click this I'm handsome" thread the interwebs doesn't work like that. I'm still handsome, though.

Why not just start your own band? Or join one which isn't run by fickle trend-sucking wankers? I imagine with your honed inhale technique you'd be in high demand for outfits which do want to sound like I Can't Believe it's Not Butter, or whoever the fuck.

Originally Posted by Amadeus
I always wonder what people like that would taste like strung up like a kebab and roasted over a slow open fire. And Paddy would be hunting midgets in the bushes for dessert, and Dyldo and PST would be doing something unspeakable with monkeys in hats* (HA!) and all the rest would for some ill defined reason persist in writing nonsensical short messages about stuff on a huge, green sequoia leaf.
* Llamas in pyjamas.
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