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Exclamation I can scream with the same technique newer christian bands use

I can screams using the same technique some of the newer christian bands use, some of these bands are Under Oath, We Butter The Bread With Butter, Waking the Cadaver. The technique used when the scream is growl. I have mastered that and there is no other thing I can learn with that technique. I can also pig squeal, that is not an issue for me. But forget about these quiet growls I do, and the inhale screams I taught myself, I would love more than anything music related to learn how to scream such as Tim Lambesis. If anyone can tell me the technique he uses, or if anyone can scream and people can hear you without a mic, please tell me how you learned, and any advice will help. My band is threatening to kick me out because they need a new screaming technique. I am 17 and have over 6 years of the growling technique and pig squeal technique under my belt, and I am willing to help anyone within this technique. I am an amazing teacher and have already taught a total of 329 people how to scream.
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