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Originally Posted by sensi
pleas help i can't find pantera tabs from this site!
The tabs are unavailable at the moment thanks to the legal issues the site has been having.

Don't worry lads, I didn't bump a year-and-a-half old thread just to respond to this one-post wonder

I've tabbed 2 Pantera songs which were accepted on the site but are obviously unavailable for the aforementioned reasonage. I was hoping for some critique from seasoned Pantera fans, because I don't normally tab this kind of music, although I do listen to it (obviously!). This seemed like the appropriate thread to use.

The tabs are hosted here:

Guitar | Bass | Guitar Pro

Shedding Skin
Guitar | Bass | Guitar Pro

I was dissatisfied with the currently available tabs for these tunes, and given that most of them are direct copies from official tab books - which are supposed to be correct but rarely are - I felt that it was unlikely they'd ever be tabbed correctly. Until NOW! BAM!

The "Chorus" riff of Shedding Skin is tabbed in a very different way than most tabs do it, but I'm 99.9% sure my way is correct. Here's why:

||--------------------------------------------| ||--------------------------8- \--------------| ||--------------------------x-----------------| ||--------------------------9- \--------------| ||--------------------------7- \--------------| ||--0--0--0--0--0--0--0--0-------0--0-3b4--0--| ...................... .... |-----------------------------------------| |--R--------------------8- \--------------| |--E--------------------x-----------------| |--S--------------------9- \--------------| |--T--------------------7- \--------------| |-----0--0--0--0--0--0-------0--0-3b4--0--| ................ .... |_______________________________[1,3] |------------------------------------------|---------------------------------| | |-R--------------------8- \----------------|---------------------------------| | |-E--------------------x-------------------|---------------------------------|*| |-S--------------------9- \----------------|---------------------------------|*| |-T--------------------7- \-0-0------------|---------------------------------| | |----0--0--0--0--0--0-------0---(3/5)-(7b8 | r 7 b 8 r 7 b 8 r 7)--3b4--0--| | ................ |___________________________________[2] |-----------------------------------| | |-----------------------------------| | |-----------------------------------|*| |-----------------------------------|*| |-----------------------------------| | | r 7 b 8 r 7 b 8 r 7)--(5\1)--0--| | |__________________________________[4] |----------------------------------| | |----------------------------------| | |----------------------------------|*| |----------------------------------|*| |----------------------------------| | | r 7 b 8 r 7 b 8 r 7)--(5\1)----| |
That chord on the 7th fret can be heard if you listen very carefully; the other tabs simply have this tabbed as a basic E5 played in the open position. The high-end notes are always omitted, in other words. If you also factor in the downward slide of this chord after it's struck you're left with no option but to play it somewhere where a downward slide is possible, i.e. not in the open position.

The reason I opted to tab the bent notes on the low-E as opposed to the A string is again because of the subtle slides you can hear leading into and out of each bend on the 7th fret. The "tail" of each phrase ends differently each time, too, which is something else generally ignored in the other tabs, and these too are slid into (ha) from above meaning it's likely you'd arrive there from the 7th fret on the low-E string as opposed to the 2nd fret of the A string.

In 10's the general consensus amongst tabbers is that the verse and pre-chorus riffs (which are essentially the same, with one simply being louder/more distorted than the other) are played with a single lonesome bent note, whereas if you listen to the song you can clearly hear the open G, B and high-E strings ringing out occasionally as well.

The "chorus" riff (if it can be called that) contains further bends which I'm positive are done with a whammy bar and not manually. The reason for this is that you can hear open strings being struck at the peak of each bend, which are then sent downwards when the whammy bar is released. It's impossible to do this manually given the position your hand has to be in to fret the bending note.

I am aware that the structure of the tabs, at least in their ASCII form, is somewhat confusing given that I decided to tab every single variation in full. The lead guitar parts and the whammy bar articulation are difficult to render in plain text format without cluttering up the page, so any ideas about how to clean that shit up would be appreciated. More importantly, do you think these tabs are any good overall?

Cheers duderinos.
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