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bareknuckle nailbomb or painkiller set. This is the bugatti veyron for what you want to play. And do everything you just described. I shit you not, either of these sets will be the last set of metal pickups you ever buy in your life. Evar.

In case of a tighter budget... Uhm... For what you want, you'd probably like the D-activators. The evolutions will expose every flaw in your playing, which isnt very nice when playing anything -death. And the paf pro is good for what you want too.
Originally Posted by Dahmers Fridge
In the US "fanny" is a word used to describe the ass or butt. Here in the UK "fanny" is a lady garden (vagina)
I was very bemused as a youngster watching the Golden Girls when Blanche said she was going to "spank her fanny" I had visions of a geriatric vertical bacon sandwich red and bruised from being disciplined!!!
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