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I'm making a partscaster. It's got a mahogany body with a maple neck and fingerboard. The neck is a warmoth conversion neck, so the scale length is a little shorter than a regular strat (24.75"). It's got two volume push-pull pots (so both pickups will be splittable), and no tone pot. My amp is a Randall RM50, and I play metalcore, death metal, melo death, tech death, etc. I want a tight, articulate, balanced, powerful, high-output bridge pickup for rhythm and some leads, and a neck pickup that has really good cleans and can still do metal leads. I've mostly been looking at dimarzio, and have come up with these:

Evolution Bridge
D-Activator X

Evolution Neck

From what I've read and (to some extent) listened to, these all seem to be fairly similar to each other. What are some specific differences, and which would you guys recommend? Also, are there others (from any company) I should be looking at?

Thanks in advance

EDIT: forgot to mention, I'll probably be in B tuning, maybe a little higher or lower
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