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Cracking GP6 is way more complicated than cracking GP5 or earlier, so a User ID won't help. You have to download the massive RSE2 banks via BitTorrent and make alterations to your network card's settings and MAC addresses, as well as fuck around with the program files themselves, and then use a dedicated "loader" to start the program each time. There's a lot of downloading and tweaking involved. I have no intention of upgrading anyway, but if I did I'd probably just buy it. It would make sense to buy it if you're a heavy user of the program, especially when updates are being released much more regularly than normal (thus rendering new tabs useless for users of an older version).

If you are just opening tabs to learn from (as opposed to transcribing your own) you can wait for the upcoming release of an official "Guitar Pro Viewer" program. It'll be free, and will grant access to GP tabs for everyone. I doubt the RSE will be included, though.
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