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Originally Posted by Last Man Standing
Alright guys,thanks for the advices

while searching the net today i found this amp

what do you think of it?
is it any good? Please tell me your opinions

There isn't anything wrong with Randall amps but I can't speak for this one. I have never played the amp you posted, but I own a RM100 and the KH modules are really nice. The RM and the KH modules are all tube tech but Randall also make killer solid state amps as well. There are some very brutal 15 watt amps out there and I could only think Randall make more than a few. I also own a Randall Cyclone, 300 watt solid state amp, and it can cover chunky crunch metalica tone with room to spare. I personally still wouldn't pay more than $50 usd for any 15 watt solid state amp though.

I have to agree that if you save a bit more you will not feel ripped off.
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