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Question Theory of a Dead Man

I'm afraid to post i'll start by telling you what NOT to post:

2. "Garbage non-metal"
3. "Garbage nu-metal"
4. "What?! They aren't black metal....."
5. Anything i missed from 1-4.

So yeah......i usually don't like these new bands that come out, mainly cause they all sound the same......but there's something about this one that caught my attention. I can tell just by listening that they tune a little guess is C...but that's not important.

I just think they're a fairly decent ROCK band. That's right, other styles exist apart from Metal. I usually catch their songs on my way to/from work in my car, and it's pretty good driving music. Personally i think these guys are far better than other similar bands like Creed, Nickelback, 3 Doors Down......whatever......pretty cool name for a band too!

Anyways, anyone who has a POSITIVE comment, please reply. I don't feel like reading pages of immature "this band sucks cause they don't have white makeup" kinda shit.
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