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I got it sorted, although the needle idea was pretty ingenious. I think that's the same method surgeons use to extract foreign objects from kids' ears (seriously).

I've been playing guitar for over 10 years and only today did I discover that the saddle of an acoustic guitar has holes drilled all the way into the body. I always assumed it was a solid block. So, what I did was removed all of the strings and pegs, cut the stuck string leaving a few centimetres visible, used my trusty pliers to shove the string right through into the body and pulled it out with my hand from within the hole (ha) and then I just pushed the peg up from below. The peg from my old acoustic works well, although it's white so it looks a bit weird, but fuck it I'm happy!

So am I right to assume that these pegs are a standard size for all acoustics?
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