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Originally Posted by BassBehemoth
I totally agree. I saw Slayer back in 2004 and they were much better overall as well, just because Tom acknowledged the audience. He talked about how we didn't get a lot of bigger metal shows and that they would love to come back(lol they all say that..) This show, he didn't even say a word really. It was like they came to play their music and get going. Mustaine was quite vocal with our crowd, and even more so Chuck Billy. I mean, at the very least say the name of the city you are playing in..

I didn't even mention that, but I noticed the same thing. Dave and Dave were both very animated toward the crowd; Ellefson was always trying to get us pumped up with hand motions and trying to get us to chant, throw up horns, or sing along. Mustaine was quiet throughout the Rust album, then said "...that was Rust in Peace. We hope you enjoyed it!" and from the rest of the set on, was very, very interactive with the fans.

Chuck Billy, for the short part Testament's set I caught, was equally vocal and interactive. When they played "Into the Pit", he told the floor crowd to form a wall of death, then commanded each side to KILL EVERYONE ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WALL. Then they charged each other and threw pussy little slaps and punches and elbows like socially stunted and athletically disfuctional metal fans are supposed to. Even with all the weak shots, it still looked violent as fuck and I'm sure a few people left in need of stitches. It was fun to watch. One of the dudes in the pit looked almost exactly like the former wrestler One Man Gang, and was close to the same size, too. He was at least 6'3" and 350lbs.


Slayer weren't as vocal, though Tom did thank the fans at the end of the set and we were treated to a nice encore. Mustaine actually made it sound like WE were gracing HIM with OUR presence and not the other way around! Even though it's all part of their craft, to play up to the fans and suck up to the hometown, it seemed like he really meant it. Megadeth actually sounded cleaner, heavier, AND tighter live than on their albums. I honestly thought that was impossible. Does that happen a lot at metal shows? I wouldn't have the experience to know.
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