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Oh, could have been. But I have straight A's and perfect attendance to maintain, and employers like when you have 'proof' (too lazy to d0 italics) that you show up on time regularly... but guess what?

I got there, looked at the set list, they wouldn't let me go in and come out just to attend class for an hour and such, and I was very angry. I ended up driving back to my school, signing the roster sheet, then leaving back to the concert. I missed the 2 bands I actually gave a shit about (Cephalic and Decrepit) and Decapitation is good, but the dude KINDA had a 'hXc' voice, just a fraction of it.

I got back right after Cephalic's set, and the band after was an emo band, er I mean hardcore... Something like, Veil Mayo... or something. I skipped that.

Redchord, kinda wanted to go in, but had that ol' cigarette anxiety. Finally All Shall Perish was turned on the stage, and I knew I belonged outside, smoking.

Faceless and Decapitation were last. I went in to see Faceless and immediately after there set I found out kids were smokin' upstairs anyway. Gosh I wish I played it slightly different, but I still hate that fucking pathetic excuse for a state law (if you are clueless: Under 21 no re-entry, no exceptions. I had an exception damn it.
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