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Originally Posted by Amadeus
Just thought it might be fun to actually dig something up out of the guitar forum.

Lately, temperature has sky rocketed in these parts, bringing to light a real bitch for me - sweaty fingers. I've got a couple of solos that are pretty heavy in bends and so on and the way my fingers tend to just slide around on the fretboard isn't helping at all. I've never had this problem before, for the elegantly simple reason that it isn't until quite recently I've become skilled enough for it to be an issue.
But yea, do any of you guys have any tricks for something like this?

I have to go with Gomli's idea. A little rag in a pocket laced with powered will help. When you get a second during playing try to get to the rag fast and at least dry you tips. It helps me to have the rag hang out of my front pocket. It looks 80's as fuck but does have a purpose. It has been very hot this year in the mid west USA too.

Another idea is to add a bit of super glue to your finger tips in target places. It has helped me before because when my hands get really damp the thick skin will get torn off my tips by big string bends.
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