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Summer Slaughter 2010

* Decapitated
* The Faceless
* All Shall Perish
* The Red Chord
* Veil Of Maya
* Cephalic Carnage
* Decrepit Birth
* Carnifex
* Animals As Leaders
* Vital Remains

I just caught the show last night in L.A. and had a lot of fun. It was actually the first Metal show I'd been to in 4 or 5 months (maybe more.. whenever Dethklok played). Animals As Leaders were pretty fucking rad, too, so if you happen to catch this tour make sure you get there a little early to see them.

Unfortunately, but expectantly, Cephalic Carnage played only newer stuff/Xenoshitian material. They did close with Kill For Weed and Lucid Interval though, so that made me happy. I missed most of The Red Chord, but they're always awesome live and Gun is a nut-job. Decapitated were great and I've been waiting to see them since 05 so it was a good experience to finally catch them. Mostly newer stuff, but there were some older stuff. They ended, naturally, with Spheres of Madness. My holy shrimp-tailed Satan was that pit experience insanity.
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