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"Is There a Booger in My Nose?" (Unabridged)

Once in a while, i'm feling low
so i need to talk to u
tell me about your day at work
and the things that you did do
Karen? we all know she's a slut
we hate that receptionist 2
0 & i almos forget, theirs 1 more thing
i ned to axe of u

Is there anything haning from my nose?
is it slimy, long, and green?
Please take a gander into there,
then tell me what you've seen

I tryed ur tuna castoroil
it tasted wery gud
id like 4 u to make another
if time allows u! would
i threw your mother down the stairs
she got back up and stood
i asked her ;make favor 4 me
but she didn't would:

Is there anything hanging from my nose?
A shriveled, yellow ball?
Tell me you will take a look.
Do you see anything at all?

i tell a yoke to make u smile
wanna here it 2?
1knock knock, whose their?
... .... .... .......... ...fuck u
get it? hope you liked it
cuz i tolled it- just 4 u
$$ \now maybe you cud make a favor
something u cud do

Is there anything hanging from my nose?
Do you see some snot?
Just take a look inside for me
I'd thank you quite a lot

-e.e. cumshot 2010
Trust in god, he'll give you shoes!
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