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rebuilding guitar questions... (drop A tuning involved)

I have been rebuilding my first guitar which is some old school jackson with a dinky style body (probably is a dinky). Now I am close to being finished but have a couple questions.

In the year it took to go from just having the guitar apart to actually doing the project, I lost 3 of the 5 tremelo springs so I will be buying a new set.
BUT, I am using a pack of ernie ball not evens to get the 6 string drop A (56,44,32,24p,16,12). I don't really want to use my tremelo I just want my guitar to not have trouble staying in tune.

Can you get different strength springs and what strength should i get?

also does anyone have a place where they buy jackson screws and stuff
im missing maybe 10 of the screws that hold the different cavity plates on and need to replace them. stewmac has them but i dont know what size I need (fender or gibson).

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