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Never Say Goodbye

I don't want to lose you girl
I try to do my best
To keep you in my arms
But it's hard
Oh,so hard
'cause I can't see you everyday

The distance between us
It's killing me
I opened my heart for you
But the distance,the distance
Oh,it's killing me

I fear the word goodbye
'cause it shattered my heart before
And I don't want to go through
All the pain again

We promised,
eternal love to each other
But the distance
Oh,the distance
It's killing that promise
It's killing me

My love for you is strong
Like the steel that holds the bridge
But my heart is weak
So don't break it please

Just the thought of loosin' you…

Oh,sometimes I drift in the space
With thoughts that make my heart bleed
Over and over again
So don't, please don't
Don't ever say goodbye to me

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